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How to Credit Us

If you use our designs with the Personal Use license ( Learn more), you must credit us as the source of the design in certain situations. Please note that commercial use is not allowed with the Personal Use license even when you credit us. You may not make money from your use including selling products, charging for access to a class or website, etc.

When Credit Is Required

Credit is required in the following situations:

  • You are using the design in print for a classroom activity, your school newspaper, etc.
  • You share images of your use of the design online on a website, social media, newsletter, and elsewhere.
  • You use the design in a video.
  • You create a craft tutorial on your personal, non-commercial website, blog, etc.
  • Any other public use of our designs.

When Credit Isn't Required

Credit isn't required in the following situations:

  • You create crafts, decor, etc. for use in your own home.
  • You use designs in your personal scrapbook.
  • You create a single gift for a person who is a family member or close friend.

Note that if you share images of your use of the design online, in print, or on video, you should credit us as described below.

Additionally, no credit is required when you purchase a Basic or Unlimited license. Licenses for a design are available for purchase on the download page associated with the design. Learn more about our licenses

How to Credit Us


Add credit near the design you are using (e.g., below the image). If this isn't possible, add it to the footer or a credit section. The credit should say something like 'design from'

Web: Blogs, Newsletters, Social Media, Websites, etc.

If you use our designs online, credit us with a clickable link to our website next to the design you are using.

If you are unable add the link next to the design, a link in a footer, credits section, etc. will work too. However, the link must appear on the same page as the design.

If a social media site doesn't allow links, credit us with plain text instead.


Credit us by linking to our website in the description area for the video. You may also credit us in the video itself.

Linking Guidelines

You may link to our home page or the web page associated with the design you are using. Please avoid linking directly to the files for the design (usually a ZIP file).

Below is an example of how to credit us with a link:

<a href="">Design by</a>

You may use your own text as long as our site name is included in the credit.