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Support Policies

What Is Supported

  • Product defects - If there is an issue with the product itself, we will attempt to fix it. Please note that there is a difference between a defect in the product and not knowing how to use it.
  • Download Issues - We will provide support if you receive an error from our end when downloading. Please note that this is very rare. Nearly all support requests for download issues aren't related to a problem on our end. They are due to connection issues on your end, not knowing how to download files on a phone or tablet, etc. Get tips on resolving download issues.
  • Duplicate Orders - We will issue a refund if you accidentally order twice.

What Isn't Supported

  • Anything Covered in Our Support Section - If something could have been resolved by reading our support section, we won't provide support via email. You are responsible for reading these articles prior to contacting us.
  • Software - We are unable to teach you software. You need to search Google, YouTube, or the support site for your software for help.
  • Troubleshooting Hardware Issues - We are unable to assist with using cutting machines, printers, or other hardware.
  • Basic Computer Skills - We can't teach basic skills like how to download files or how to open a zip file.
  • Mobile Devices - Our designs may work on mobile devices. However, we haven't tested them and are unable to help you if you experience problems. We recommend using a desktop or laptop instead.
  • Download Issues on Your End - Most download issues are not caused by anything on our end. We are unable to provide support if your download issue relates to not knowing how to download on a phone/tablet, security restrictions on your network, or a similar issue on your end. See our download tips.
  • Customization and Requests - We are unable to customize designs in any way or accept requests for specific designs. We only offer pre-made designs.

When Support Will Be Refused

  • Not Being Polite - Rudeness, demanding attitudes, threats, using profanity or all caps, etc. will not be tolerated at all.
  • Not Providing Information - We won't provide support if you don't provide your order number, the email address and name associated with your order, and a detailed description of your issue.
  • Multiple Emails - Don't harass us with multiple messages about the same issue. We generally reply within a few hours if you contact us during normal US business hours.
  • Unreasonable Complaints - We won't respond to complaints about features, limitations, etc. that are specified in the information for a download or can be determined by reading our support section and downloading designs prior to buying. Don't assume features, file formats, or anything else unless they are clearly stated.

What Happens if You Violate Our Support Policies

Violations of these policies will result in a permanent ban from making further purchases. We used to give warnings about these policies. However, there have been too many instances of people trying to argue with us, being rude, etc. to be able to continue this.

Why These Policies Are Necessary

We provide a large collection of free designs that can be fully tested prior to buying a license. We want to keep doing this, but it won't be possible if we provide extensive support for using the designs. We have done the following to reduce the need to request support:

  • Free Downloads - We realize that there is a learning curve for using our designs, which is one reason we offer free downloads and only charge for licenses. This makes it possible to fully test using them before purchasing a license.
  • Support Section - We provide a support section that covers many common issues.