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Delivery Information

You will receive a receipt via email that includes details on your purchased licenses. This will be sent to the address you specify during checkout. Make sure you use an email address you can access and enter the address correctly.

Emails are generally sent within a few minutes after you place your order. However, please allow at least an hour before contacting us if you haven't received an email yet. Delays can occur for a variety of reasons including a temporary issue processing your payment, your email service not processing emails quickly, etc. Read this article for more information on what to do if you haven't received an email.

License Proof

Please save a copy of your email for proof of your license. We don't provide a separate document such as a PDF file.

File Downloads

Download links aren't included in emails. You download files for a design from the web page associated with the design. This is the same page where you add the license to your cart.

It is your responsibility to maintain a copy of the files for the designs you use. We recommend downloading and backing up designs for which you purchase a license. We are unable to guarantee all designs will be available in the future or that they won't be updated in some way.