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Refund Policy

We are unable to offer refunds. We are selling licenses to use our designs commercially. All designs are available for free download. This makes it possible for you to test any design prior to purchase to make sure a design will work for your purpose. Depending on how you intend to use the designs, you may need to edit files, export to other file formats, or make other changes prior to use. Because of this, we are unable to issue refunds in the following situations:

  • You don't have the knowledge and skill to use the design(s).
  • You don't have the software to use the design(s).
  • You change your mind and no longer need the item.
  • You assume features that aren't specified.
  • You are unable to make a design work for your intended purpose.
  • You purchased by accident.

We will issue a refund in situations where you have accidentally placed a duplicate order (i.e., multiple orders for the same item). If this happens, contact us to request a refund. Please note that all refunds are granted at our sole discretion.